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As a professional athletes or entertainer, you have a particularly unique financial need. It is our job to take special care of your financial resources, since they will possibly have to last a lifetime.

Professional athletes and to some extent, entertainers, have a particularly unique financial need. Often their earning potential peaks while they are relatively young, and this means that they must take special care of their financial resources, since they will possibly have to last a lifetime.

The entertainment personalities we work with enjoy the same professional, dedicated attention that our other clients receive. Our charges are based on the complexity of their financial life, not on a percentage of their income. And we can work with athletes, entertainers and their representatives to establish a company if necessary, and handle all the bookkeeping chores for them. This can greatly simplify the reporting and tax preparation process for them, with a central focus for residuals and other sporadic payments they receive.

Some of the many benefits resulting from our services to athletes and entertainers:

It frees managers and support personnel from dealing with the personal finances of their employers — often an uncomfortable situation for both the entertainer and the assistant. Our services assure that personal finances remain personal. 

It eliminates potential liability issues in the case of misuse of personal funds by non-authorized staff — not an uncommon problem.

It allows managers and agents to concentrate on promoting the business, saving ten to twenty hours monthly–equivalent to one or two days per month. 

It frees the athlete or entertainer from financial worries while working and traveling, making him or her more effective.

It provides much better financial data and control, allowing other financial advisors to work more effectively, and to plan and meet financial goals efficiently.

It makes other financial services — tax preparation, financial planning, retirement planning, etc., more efficient and accurate.

The services can be provided regardless of where the individual is located. Our fee is based upon the work required, not on assets. As a result, we are assisting many entertainers for the same cost as any other business executive. This can save clients significant costs annually.

We bring over 15 years’ experience to each client relationship. This allows us to see potential problems [and opportunities] that might be missed by others.

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