Busy families

Working with you, we can simplify the personal finances of you, your family and your business by offering straight forward services that take away any pressure and make the best of your finances.

The personal finances of busy families are complicated – often more so than those of a small business. Paying the mortgage for the summer home, sending the monthly rent payment to the son or daughter in college, remembering to send the estimated tax bills, paying the plumber who sent a second bill last week, dealing with the nanny tax issues — these are just some of the myriad things to remember every month.

You probably don’t cut your own grass, or change your own oil – why are you still paying your own bills? Often we hear that prospective clients are afraid of losing control of their finances. Our response to that is that by using our professional services you will enjoy much more control. Spend an hour or two looking at the big picture, rather than looking for stamps and envelopes. Our cash flow reports show you the big picture, allowing you to see for the first time where your money is really going.

Some of the specific services we offer for Busy Families include:

  1. Making the monthly payments
  2. Direct receipt of bills and invoices
  3. Maintaining bank account balances
  4. Electronic bill-paying
  5. Review of past-due balances
  6. Bank statement reconciliation
  7. Cash-flow reporting – quarterly summaries and detailed annual reports
  8. Automatically making payments for property and property taxes
  9. Detailed transactions reports
  10. Information for tax return preparation
  11. Domestic employee tax preparation [“nanny tax”]
  12. Recording and tracking home improvement expenses
  13. Recording and tracking additional bank accounts
  14. Please contact us to see how we can tailor our services to fit your needs.

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