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As an Entrepreneur, you work long hours and probably have a heavy travel schedules, so our personal financial accounting will be particularly helpful for you. Cutting through the issues and helping you make important decision quickly is what we do.

Entrepreneurs work long hours and have heavy travel schedules, so our personal financial accounting are particularly helpful for them. We have been assisting CEOs and other senior executives since we started the business, and many have been with us for nearly 15 years. Our services can also provide immediate benefits to the businesses – rather than deferred benefits which only appear when the executive retires. Our services can help executives be more productive, eliminating worries about personal finances while working, or on the road.

Personal finances are meant to be personal, not something that is taken care of at the office. We help make that happen by taking over those chores and letting our professionals manage the details. Then we send very accurate and useful cash flow reports to the executives. 

It frees administrative and support personnel from dealing with the personal finances of their managers — often an uncomfortable situation for both the executive and the assistant. Our services assure that personal finances remain personal.

It eliminates potential liability issues in the case of misuse of personal funds by administrative staff — a not uncommon problem.

It allows company personnel to concentrate on company business, saving eight to ten hours per month per executive — equivalent to one day per month.

It frees the executive from financial worries while on company business,making him or her more productive.

It provides much better financial data and control, allowing executives to manage their own finances the same way they manage their clients’ finances.

It enables executives to take overseas assignments free from worry that their personal finances and control will suffer. We can handle all their UK financial affairs while they are overseas.

It makes other financial services — tax preparation, financial planning,retirement planning, etc., more efficient and accurate.

The services can be provided regardless of where the executive is located.

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