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BJJ offers a full range of services in the areas of royalty auditing, royalty and catalogue monitoring,

administration and consultancy as follows:

Royalty Audits
Royalty Desktop Analytical reviews
Royalty Monitoring
Royalty Administration & accounting
Career Reviews
Litigation Support
Royalty Consultancy & Negotiations support
Valuations of Copyright & Intellectual Property Assets


Our specialist royalty department carries out royalty examinations for variety of clients across a wide range of industry sectors as follows:

Our specialist royalty team are able to administer and manage all your royalty examination needs. Within BJJ, you have access to experience gained from audits of both the “major” and independent record and music publishing companies, the emerging music business technologies, theatre, distribution, licensing and sponsorship deals.

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we may be able to ‘mine some nuggets’ for you


This is often carried out in advance, or instead, of carrying out a full royalty audit. We review and analyse the royalty statements rendered to you, based upon our interpretation of your agreement, and without checking source data at the licensee’s offices. Review governing agreement(s) and royalty statements and submit a proposal with costing to you.

Once terms are agreed, we data process your royalty statements to generate a database incorporating a complete royalty history. Summarise your agreement(s), discussing interpretation with your legal representatives if necessary, carry out the agreed tests at our offices and prepare and submit our report to you. This will quantify any apparent under-accountings. We will also recommend whether a full audit is likely to be viable and cost.


We monitor and review royalty statements as they are received on an ongoing basis.


For smaller companies it is not always cost-effective to employ a dedicated staff to carry out this important function, however, royalty accounting is a specialised area, and can be time consuming, therefore it is best undertaken by those with the relevant skills.

We can help organise and manage your song and master catalogues, copyright registrations, performing rights society registrations and payee obligations for all types of income in all territories.

As an effective method of time management, BJJ has proved a very popular service for clients with small operations. You can spend your time promoting and selling music. We’ll count the royalties for you.


We at BJJ have considerable experience of carrying out career reviews on behalf some of clients. This service is normally applicable to a established and successful artists, composers and/or performers.

Often in such cases, changes will have happened over the years, which today, will have resulted in a complicated web of agreements, commercial arrangements, income sources and participations.

We will piece together a Career chronology, review all available agreements and royalty accountings and create a database of creative assets (i.e. masters and compositions).


Our experience and expertise over the years in all of the areas we provide services, gives us the ability to assist our clients when litigation becomes the means necessary to resolve differences. We can perform damage evaluations and calculations and can provide expert witness evidence in both affidavit and in court. top


We can help you analyse contracts and licenses and provide general royalty consulting services.

We have experience of carrying out deal evaluations for major lawyers to value deal points in commercial and contractual negotiations and add value to the service they supply to their clients.

You may find this useful when negotiating a new deal or trying to terminate an old one! Our experience can also prove invaluable in assisting you when you are the subject of an audit.


Whether a valuation is a necessity or a choice, BJJ can help to prepare an informed and credible valuation for whatever purpose is required, whether it be to achieve the finance you require or Inheritance Tax planning or any other resolution you may require. top
As an effective method of royalty management, BJJ has proved a very popular service for clients large and small. Supporting creative and sporting clients and their lawyers and managers in pursuit of their just rewards.

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